Bio: Jason Pierce

Founding Partner

Jason Pierce

Jason Pierce is a Senior Software Engineer and Multimedia Freelancer with over 13 years of experience producing web solutions for enterprise-level applications and small businesses, and photography and design related products for individuals and entrepreneurs.

As a freelancer, Jason has serviced dozens of businesses, launching brochure-type websites, designing and printing restaurant menus, product catalogs, logos, and more. He has also been a part of several couples's special moments, providing event photography and videography of surprise engagement proposals, weddings, and family and religious events.

In his career providing enterprise-level engineering solutions he has always been an early addition to the company because of his well-rounded background, which is crucial for startups building their brand, establishing workflow processes, and finding and retaining reliable talent. He has been a part of large projects by the USPTO, NIH, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and is accustomed to adhering to the special guidelines and considerations that attach themselves to government tech projects.