OneAfrica University

The Goal

Empowering the African continent through the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education. The dream that Africa will live up to its full potential in the twenty first century when its children achieve their full potential in STEM education and inject the knowledge in the development effort.

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Empowered minds building sustainable communities.

About Us

The world recognizes that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is the catalyst for economic and social transformation of countries. The technological era is here and countries which seek massive economic growth, one that affects real lives, have no choice than to invest in STEM education. It is therefore the aim of OneAfrica University of Computer Science, Technology, and Engineering to foster this transformation through the adoption of STEM education for every African child, be they of rich or poor parentage, boy or girl, able or challenged. OAU needs every African and friends of Africa to join the effort to make this dream come true.

The Mission of OAU Meets the 21 st Century Challenges of the Africa Continent

Computer Science, Technology and Engineering have become catalysts for the transformation and advancement of human society.

We are in 2023. Africa has a population of 1.4 billion with 41% under 15; and 60% under 25, for a vast land area of 11.7 million square miles with most of the world's natural resources, and mostly undeveloped.

Africa is projected to have the fastest urbanization rate in the world. The population of Africa will reach 2.4 billion in 2050, and cities will be home to an additional 950 million people. Much of this growth is taking place in small and medium-sized towns. Thus, the need for major economic development to sustain urban life while laying the foundations to transform the entire continent for more people to follow.

Africa's economic growth is coming strong. The continent is in a top position to become the next frontier for a world economic boom that will last for a very long time. Therefore, the need of capacity building in critical areas of expertise to speed up development to build the economic resilience to sustain it.

Those critical areas of expertise are in the STEM, the fields of computer science, technology, and engineering. The economy of the 21st century is built on computer science, technology, and engineering, and you can't be in the development race without major investment in advanced learning infrastructure in these fields.

OneAfrica University is here to take the lead in the capacity building effort.

Africa Must Hurry Up to Catch Up

The world is moving at an extremely fast pace in these main sectors that they run every part of our lives, the climate, and the environment. Africa is at a crossroads. How well we do in computer science, engineering and technology will affect the various factors and processes which will either constrain or enhance people's ability to make a living in an economically and socially sustainable manner.

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Empowering minds in Africa with STEM Education

Today, data has become the most valuable commodity. We need data to conduct studies. We can also boldly declare that “data are us”. The quest to assemble data of all kinds has brought us to the collection of our human DNA. Data collected on people and things tell what the future is going to be, hence the importance of computers in the collection, storage, transmission, and analytical process.

Structure of OneAfrica Universtiy

OAU-CSTE shall be made up of 2 entities - (i) A for-profit (Corporation) and (ii) A tax exempt not-for-profit (Foundation)

The Corporation shall have as its shareholders (a) Investors (b) OAU Foundation (c) Organizers

The Corporation shall be the entity that will run the daily operations of OAU-CSTE, run its academic program in collaboration with the Board of Regents and ensure the growth of the school. URL - final to be The Organizers are the individuals who represent those who directly participated in the formation and birthing of OAU-CSTE and have been designated as partners/founding members.

The Foundation shall be the startup entity used as the vehicle in organizing to bring to fruition OAU-CSTE. It will, after the birthing of OAU-CSTE, continue to be the vehicle used in fundraising, running the seedling program, running a scholarship program and in the establishment of other educational programs and facilities. URL: