A Little About Us

The world recognizes that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is the catalyst for economic and social transformation of countries. The technological era is here and countries which seek massive economic growth, one that affects real lives, have no choice than to invest in STEM education. It is therefore the aim of OneAfrica University of Computer Science, Technology, and Engineering to foster this transformation through the adoption of STEM education for every African child, be they of rich or poor parentage, boy or girl, able or challenged. OneAfrica University needs every African and friends of Africa to join the effort to make this dream come true.

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Welcome to the City of Elmina, home of OneAfrica University and one of Africa's most important historic sites, the Elmina Castle.

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An Invitation

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Join Us

We are inviting people, institutions and organizations who believe in the potential of Africa's economic future, and are interested in contributing to capital investment, expertise, advising, advocacy, sponsorship and promotion to join us in the most upcoming and touristic region of Ghana in the historic coastal twin cities of Elmina and Cape Coast.


To be a Force for Good in Africa and beyond deploying engineering and technological innovation aimed at human development, security, and prosperity.

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Thinking minds provide solutions in their quest to serve.

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Our campus will be in the touristic region of Ghana, in the historic coastal twin cities of Elmina and Cape Coast. We want our campus to be a learning environment where the indoor and outdoor versatility and comfort provide a unique shelter for students and staff.

Founding Members

OAU was founded by a group of professionals who share the vision of a world where computer science, engineering and technology in general, research and training institutions are enablers to the rapid socio-economic development of Africa. They are the project initiators and are looking for support from like-minded people and institutions to make this project a reality.

Meet the Team

We are a group of academics and STEM professionals looking to help bring lasting change.

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We are still early in the entire project's roadmap. The future is bright!

  1. Pre-development phase

    We are in the pre-development phase.

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  2. Development phase

  3. OAU opens for the school year

Our Mission

Our goal is to be the premier educational institution in Africa, promoting unity, advancement, and prosperity through high-quality education.

Technology Integration

To foster an environment where technology drives the integration of different fields of study.

Thinking Community

To create a community of thinkers ready to harness resources for the good of society.

Leadership Education

To educate leaders of integrity interested in impacting lives and communities.