Bio: Dr. Coetzee Bester

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Dr Coatzee Bester

Briefing notes on the curriculum vitae of Dr COETZEE BESTER During a political career, Coetzee Bester served as a Member of the South African Parliament under the Presidency of Mr. Nelson Mandela and in the Office of President F W de Klerk. He was also a member of the Constitution Writing Assembly that finalize the historic 1995 post-apartheid constitution for South Africa.

Since 1999 he facilitated leadership schools in many African countries. During this time, he also assisted various governments with policy formulation towards sustainable development in Africa as well as the management of challenges related to radicalism, racism, ethnic violence, and cultural diversity. Since the start of the new millennium, he assisted various African countries with the development of democratic structures and active political parties. His focus included policy development programs, the design of election campaigns and management of free and fair elections. Based on his Anthropological research and information management experience in Africa he completed a master’s degree (Cum Laude) at the University of Pretoria. This study designed an integrated model for management of information in community development projects in Africa. He also lectured on the topic.

He completed a PhD with focused research on teaching Information Ethics at universities, in communities and in schools in Africa. In this study, he addressed cultural diversity, sustainable development, policy development and volunteerism in the 4th Industrial Era. He was involved in writing of 14 books and various academic articles on the subject of Information Ethics in Africa. The latest publication was the 2021 Nelson Mandela Reader on Information Ethics. Until June 2020, he served as the Director of the African Centre of Excellence for Information Ethics (ACEIE) that is based at the University of Pretoria and operated on an academic platform of 112 academic institutions in 22 African countries. He is also active in various UNESCO programs and projects. His current research focus on ethical Artificial Intelligence and the sustainable development of smart governance for smart cities and smart communities. He serves as a Justice of the Peace in the Pretoria North area. October 2022 Pretoria