Bio: Ato Hanson

Founding Partner

Ato Hanson

Ato Hanson is a seasoned accounting and finance professional who has had experience working in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Ghana for close to 30 years. Currently I work as a director and financial consultant for a construction company which introduced ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) or rapid building technology in the Ghanaian building industry.

In 7 years I am proud to have directed the financial affairs of Ghana-UK to boast of the multi-million dollar 5-storey” Grand” luxury apartments adjacent the Action Chapel, off the Spintex Road, the 200-bed Kasoa Polyclinic, two, 2-storey 50 room accommodation space and a 4-storey, 16 apartment building for Ghana's military establishment, and in addition the “Herndon Heights” real estate development community. At Ghana-UK, I have supervised over the establishment of standards in getting our manufacturing division ISO certified by the Ghana Standards Board, in the production of polystyrene blocks. Prior to Ghana-UK, I played the role of the key finance person on the committee set up to obtain accreditation for Dominion University College, and after its formation, became its first Director of Finance. My entrepreneurial bearing has led me to the establishment of Hanson & Hanson Co. Ltd., a tile adhesive, dry mix mortar and grout manufacturing company, based in Accra. I am also a director and financial consultant to some Ghanaian companies and in addition, a financial advisor, and an investment agent for NDK Capital (Now Tesah Capital).

Prior to returning to Ghana, I worked in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution, warehousing and supply chain management industries. A few years of that experience were spent in entrepreneurial settings and that shaped my understanding and world view of business. I worked as the Accounting Manager and Controller at Vtech North America, a large manufacturer and distributor of telephones and electronic educational learning aids for children. Responsible for all aspects of financial reporting, I supervised a large team in the delivery of accurate and timely financial information. As the International Controller responsible for the finance function of the international operations of Uline, a billion-dollar distributor of industrial and packaging materials, I worked closely with the CFO, in supervising divisional controllers in Mexico and Canada in the planning, budgeting, accounting and analyses of financial information. I also worked with Branch Managers in the areas of sales, customer service, warehousing and supply chain management. In addition to accounting and finance roles, I was involved in systems implementation at Matzuo USA, Edgewater Medical Center in Chicago and at Alaris Canada (now Cardinal Health). At Cargill Inc, a commodities brokerage firm in Chicago, I was responsible for developing and maintaining documentation of controls over processes within the Financial Controls Group. I performed business redesign initiatives over work processes, developed standardized queries for repetitive processes and used MSAccess, to data mine and analyzed extracted data. In addition to my professional life, I take pride in mentoring the youth and actively participate in my community as the chair of the development committee. I am also a poet and have a collection titled “Grateful” with over 100 poems, registered with the US Library of Congress, but yet to be published. A book titled, “The making of a country, the mindset we forgot about” highlights the governance challenges in Ghana and another titled, “The theory of Interest - a development aid” are in the works and yet to be published. Being in the construction industry, I have sought to find a workable and sustained solution to the financing and construction of affordable housing for all. This has led me to develop a financing model called “Modified Compound Interest” (MCI) which I hope to first publish this year and have it rolled out as a solution to the lack of proper accommodation for a majority of our people in Ghana. I have a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from McGill University and a 2-year post graduate studies in Advanced Management and Accounting, obtaining the Certified Management Accountant designation (CMA) with the Society of Management Accountants of Ontario, Canada. I also hold a CPA designation from Illinois Certified Public Accountants Society in the U.S.